About Boilermakers Softball

Founded in 2018

Boilermakers Softball

To provide a healthy, fun and competitive environment for girls to develop their softball skills to their highest potential & enjoy the game.

What Sets Us Apart

We have worked diligently on putting together a quality program that will grow and mold our players to take them to their highest potential. Our coaching staff is composed previous college players and coaches. This gives us the ability to create a dynamic experience for our players as they get the best training. We understand the commitment players and families are making and we take our coaching responsibilities very seriously. We all love this game and want to give back as much as it has given us. We strive to be role models to our players and are confident that our coaching staff provides the push with the nurturing that the players need.

Our coaches have played or coached at the college level. We are able to specialize in our respective areas with our players during practice. We pride ourselves on our technical training and have found our players thrive in the working environment that we provide.

Our emphasis in our program is to compete every pitch. This applies to all aspects of the game and the tasks during any given time. We teach our players to problem solve, and work through situational play. We simulate situations at practice which help prepare them for live play.

where we train

State of the art facilities at EL1 Ambler

We aren’t yellers or screamers; we set the bar high and help them reach the expectations.

We spend a great deal of time practice planning to ensure we are targeting appropriate skills. We meet with players about their individual goals and growth plan. As they continue to develop, we help support them through their future goals, which may include playing in college.

There are lots of teams out there that can provide lots of things. But they aren’t us…and that’s what makes being a Boilermaker special. Come play for a program that’s truly different from everyone else and teaching the game the right way.

What is a Boilermaker?

A Boilermaker represents the blue collar worker, who works tirelessly at their craft and makes an impact through their work ethic and skill set. In following our mission, we want to instill a strong work ethic in our players, who are dedicated to growing in the game. Additionally, leaving a legacy behind that others would want to follow.

Ambler may not have existed without the Ambler Boiler House. In 1881 the Keasbey & Mattison Company brought their manufacturing business to to the area. It helped enhance the already booming farming and industrial community. Keasbey & Mattison made many contributions to create the backbone of Ambler such as street electric, the water tower, opera house and the library.