softball testimonials



“We are very pleased and excited to be part of the Boilermakers program. Crystalrae and her team do a phenomenal job of the running the program. Most of the coaches played significant levels of college softball. They are very knowledgeable about the game. Their practices are excellent. They run multiple stations with different coaches. The girls are always working on different defensive and offensive aspects of the game. It’s very impressive to watch practice and imagine all the preparation that must go into it. The coaches all connect easily with the girls. We could not be happier.”

“Since joining the Boilermakers a little over a year ago my daughter has always felt at home as a Boilermaker. The coaching staff always puts the best interest of the player first, but also pushes them to be better players, teammates and most importantly better people. The coaches also maintain a working relationship with the parents and offer feedback when necessary to assist in development of our child. As a parent these things put my mind at ease anytime I know she is with the team on and off the field.”

“We have only been with the Boilermakers for one fall and winter workout season but I can say that we are thoroughly impressed by the program and; more specifically, the coaching staff. CrystalRae and her team are true experts in motivating, inspiring, and developing young girls in the game of softball. The discipline, structure, and high energy routine that they bring to practices exceeded my expectations. Knowing many of the players on the 14U team, I could see how their skills rapidly developed in just one season of in-door training. Perhaps what I am most pleased with is the impact that the coaches have had on my own daughter. In a short time, I have observed how both her confidence and overall play has improved under CrystalRae’s leadership. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my daughter and her team.”

Heading into my daughter’s 6th season of travel softball, our family made the joint decision to move her over to the Boilermakers 14U team this past Fall. After years of training at Ambler Sports Academy on our own and via private instruction with CrystalRae, we felt very comfortable making the switch. In a short period of time, the experience with her new team has been amazing. CrystalRae, and the rest of the highly qualified coaches and instructors, are full of knowledge, provide college/professional level instruction, and focus on team-building and camaraderie. The coaches really take time to get to know the girls, their strengths/weaknesses, and their individual softball goals; and tailor training to be very player specific. Each girls’ feedback on their experiences is not only encouraged, but is truly taken into thoughtful consideration. One of the things my daughter likes best is the coaching staff’s focus on player development not only with skills, but also “thinking” the game through all aspects of a softball game. The coaches have demands and high expectations of all of the girls, but are extremely supportive and provide them with all of the training necessary to be successful and throughout their softball careers.